Inspiring organisations
starts with clarity.

Build a strong foundation of
clarity for enduring success.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, establishing a strong foundation is essential for sustainable growth and success of your organisation. It begins with gaining a clear understanding of your goals, values and aspirations. With clarity about what you aim to achieve and what matters most to you, you can propel your organisation forward.

I specialise in helping companies like yours focus resources and efforts in areas that align with your purpose, vision, and strategic goals.

Clarity can help you transform your organisation by:

Aligning decisions with purpose, strategy and priorities to support your overarching goals

Channelling resources towards the most important and impactful areas and maximising efficiency and results

Enabling swift adaptation to changing circumstances and ability to seize opportunities

Acting as a stabilising force and allowing you to navigate challenges with resilience and a long-term focus on success

Areas we can work on:

  • Designing and implementing organisation structures and roles that strengthen efficiencies, clarity and accountability
  • Evolving and sustaining an organisation culture that enables their strategic outcomes
  • Developing leadership and people management capability
  • Creating and communicating clear, straight forward People and Culture practices that are easy to use

Benefits you can expect:

  • Attracting and keeping the best people needed to help your business flourish
  • Creating a work environment – for those working in an office and working remotely – where people feel valued and focused on a common purpose
  • Helping foster effective ways of work that meet your organisational needs
  • Developing the skills and processes your business needs now and, in the future

Who do I help?

I help organisations and leadership teams create clarity and implement contemporary, practical and cost-effective talent practices that fit their businesses.

I will work with you to create streamlined practices and processes that make sense for your business and the people who make it tick.

My expertise

What is the
CORE framework?

The CORE framework consists of four interconnected parts designed to provide leaders with a practical approach to increasing clarity and synchronising activity throughout the organisation to accomplish desired results.

With a strong foundation of clarity, you will be able to establish talent practices that help you achieve your business strategy. You will know which actions will make the biggest and most positive difference – saving precious time, energy and resources.

With clarity you will be able to keep things simple, effective and appropriate for your business.

Sheila Rebeiro

“Over the last four years our organisation has partnered with Shelly on a broad range of HR programs including: organisational design; leadership development and culture and values alignment. While the engagements have been varied, Shelly’s commitment to creating the best outcome and experience for her clients has been a constant. Her breadth of knowledge, technical expertise and insight has gained the confidence, respect and gratitude of the leadership team and the impact of Shelly’s contributions to our organisation has been nothing short of transformational.”

Sheila Rebeiro

Stefan Strano

“Shelly helped us develop our People & Culture Management Framework and has supported us implement it over the past three years. This support has evolved from helping us understand, measure and track engagement and culture through to guiding and coaching our people leaders. While Shelly has a wealth of knowledge across HR strategy and organisational design and culture, I think it’s her ability to really listen and effectively tailor her approach to where our challenges and opportunities are that makes her so valuable to our business.”

Stefan Strano

Michael Tan

“Shelly has been a delight to work with. She is a true subject matter expert and went above and beyond what was expected to deliver a great learning outcome for the client.”

Michael Tan
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